Gladinet Cloud Desktop Starter Edition

Of late the interest in cloud servers among the users is on the increase. While there are several service providers in the arena, Gladinet cloud server is one among the top service providers. Gladinet Cloud Server offers its service in two packages namely Cloud server and cloud for team.

While the Cloud server offers window service the cloud for team includes Web plus desktop application. As far as the license is concerned both Cloud server and cloud for team offers subscription based on number of users and storage space.

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In order to understand today’s trend on cloud servers, a little idea about the advantages will be useful. There are several reasons for the growing interest. Some of them include the best value for money for instance you can enjoy the status of hosting in a dedicated server while you pay a price less than that of shared hosting services. The ability of instantly scaling up or down with cloud services is yet another attraction for the users. Cloud servers literally have no downtime which is yet another fascination among website owners. Gladinet offers them all as one stop shop. Both the products of Gladinet are available on a 30-day free to try basis.

Gladinet Cloud Server


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  1. Isadora Balque says:

    The study shows the same trend as this cloud computing infographic.

  2. Walter Fontecchio says:

    Very good site thank you so much for your time in writing the posts for all of us to learn about.

  3. Felicia Yoshizumi says:

    Thanks Jason for the read! I’m thinking about getting one of my clients a NAS device for their data but was relunctant! After your read, I think I might just do that. Also thinking about converting their servers into virtual as well.