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Millions of Apple fans and geeks are on the wait for the release of the most anticipated product from the giant the iPhone 5. This would be the 5th generation phone and would satisfy all the expectations of the fans.

Already there are a lot of articles in the web that provide the much need hype for the dream instrument. It is possible to infer a lot from the information available and from the latest iOS 5 from Apple that how iPhone 5 features will be. If you are wondering is it worth spending on high end gadgets like iPhone 5, here are a few reasons that will let you know more about iPhone 5.

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One sure thing about iPhone 5 is that it will have a higher storage capacity than its predecessors. The notable reason for this is the introduction of A5 processor for which Apple will have to provide a suitable capacity for maximum usability. It is expected that iPhone 5 will have a dual core processor in order to hasten loading processes and making multitasking easier. It is also expected to use a 4G network which has been hyped for great video chatting experience.

Imaging is yet another area where the iphone 5 is expected to overtake the previous models. The camera of the phone is expected to range somewhere between eight to twelve mega pixels. Moreover there ill be an additional graphic chip which has the ability to deliver better image and video quality to extent of even allowing users to watch films in full HD.

As far as style is concerned, iphone 5 is expected to have a thinner and lighter design with a larger screen suitable for viewing videos. With most focus on video chatting and movie viewing, the phone is expected to deliver a better video quality and a superb sound quality in order to satisfy the users to the full.

One other top priority for the high priced gadget will be its durability. There have been a lot of speculations that iPhone 5 will have a sturdier design with long lasting components. The signal receiver is expected to be much stronger and the screen much tougher and scratch proof. It is expected that the phone would survive any accidental drop to a greater extent. The battery which forms the most important component of the iPhone will also have a longer life. One other exciting feature that will be included for privacy is the facial recognition feature. It is also expected to have a built in GPS.

In short, iPhone 5 is truly expected to have all of the desirable features and satisfy both common man and techies to the full. I would be an asset in the hands of the user providing true value for the money spent on the gadget.

iPhone 5 – iPhone 5 Features, Specs, Price & Release Date


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