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Mhotspot the wonder working wifi network creation tool that comes to you free of cost and doesn’t need an installation. Check out how Mhotspot can be the better choice.

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Often times we long to share our internet connection of our systems to other devices such as ipads and mobile phones. It is true that tech savvy people have an edge over the commoner when it comes to enjoying the privileges of the modern technology. Today being the age of free conimics, the internet world provides users with plethora of free software that can be advantageous to the common man. Mhotspot is one such admirable software that comes in the wifi arena. Well, when it comes to making your system a hotspot there are two convenient ways of doing that. The first one is to install a wifi software that could make the job easy for you. And the second one is to utilize the inbuilt features of your systems and configure them manually to connect to your other wifi enabled gadgets. Let’s have a peep in to the first way of creating a wifi network because it is much easier for the layman to create a network using software rather than meddling with the cumbersome inbuilt systems and configurations.

Had you been looking out for effective software that could turn your laptop in to a hotspot, you surely would have come across numerous software that claim to serve your purpose. However, most of them are mere trouble than of any use. The problem of the freeware begins with installation. You will have to provide all of your personal details and agree to their terms to install the software and after all the cumbersome tasks you would find the software popping out messages that an error occurred during installation. Or just say that the it doesn’t have a required file to start. Thus it not only annoys you but steals away your precious time and money. Above all you have provided your personal data to someone you never knew.

Mhotspot on the other hand comes to you as a free software free of troubles. First of all the software is free of all cumbersome installation process. You can just download the software directly from the publisher’s website and start using it instantly. If you are wondering how to utilize the software, just visit the official website of Mhotspot and have a glance a the various video tutorials that clearly explain the way of using the wonder tool as you wish. Mhotspot is not only devoid of troubles such as system instability or protocol issues, but also provides wifi network detectable various devices such as printers, tablet PCs and also mobile phone operating systems such as android or symbian and even by low end wifi models.

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Using Mhotspot is a great pleasure and gives you the satisfaction of owning a great network created by yourself. You need not spend for any of the hardware such as router or cables. However, you need Windows Vista or Windows 7 as your operating system to use Mhotspot. It is easy to start a wifi network are terminate it as and when required with just a few clicks.

Download Mhotspot Free for Windows Features :

  • No Installation required
  • Fully customizable Hotspot Name
  • Share any type of Internet Connection(LAN, Ethernet,3G/4G,Wifi etc)
  • Android phones, ipads, PDAs, tablet-pcs and other devices can access
  • See the details of the connected device(Name, Ip Address, Mac Address)
  • Secures your wireless hotspot with WPA2 PSK password security
  • Set max. number of devices that can be connected
  • Extends your Wifi range(Acts as a repeater)
  • In-app internet selection
  • Works with Windows 8, 7

Wifi Hotspot Download For Windows Instructions to Use:

~Browse for the downloaded file “mhotspot.exe“.

~Double click the mhotspot.exe file,run as adminstrator in windows vista/7.

~Setup the hotspot name and password for the wifi access.

~Now,goto newtork connections and select the internet connection you want to share and right click the connection and choose properties.

~In properties,under sharing tab tick the “Allow other users to connect through this computer’s internet connection” and select the created wireless network.

~Now click start to enable sharing your internet through wifi.

~Click stop to disable sharing.

Supported OS: Wind XP, Vista and Windows 7.

share your internet over wifi for android, symbian,mobiles and other laptops with your laptop

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  1. sai krishna says:

    Hi Team,
    I am the developer of mHotspot.
    I request you to update the new version of mHotspot 5.2 in your database.

    New Features:
    1. Internet sharing is embedded inside the app.
    2. Complete Re-Design of user interface mHotspot.
    3. See the details of the connected clients (ip adsress,mac address)
    download url:
    screenshot url: