Overview of Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Apple clearly pointed out that Snow Leopard is rather a collection of smaller refinements made to run Leopard smoothly. Some of the minor technical improvements have resulted in a smooth, easy-to-use Leopard.Now let’s get into detailed view of Apple Mac OS X snow leopard.

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Installation of Snow Leopard is very easy and is much faster due to the newly designed installer. The default setting is capable of installing Snow Leopard without disturbing any of the saved files. Snow Leopard no longer supports PowerPC Macs. Apple Mac OS X snow leopard has better file compression and consumes lesser space than that of Leopard. One other relief is manual searching of drivers; Apple Mac OS X snow leopard will automatically locate missing drivers from the web.

Apple has also introduces a few new technologies in Snow Leopard that are capable of boosting system’s performance. Major applications in Snow Leopard, such as the ‘Finder’ are in 64-bit to match the new Macs that come with 64-bit multi-core processors, and high-powered graphics processing units. Other new technologies in Apple Mac OS X snow leopard include the ‘Grand Central Dispatch’, which manages data sent to multi-core processors, ‘OpenCL’, which allows maximum utilization of any onboard video cards, and a few others that optimize your system for best performance.

The user interface of Apple Mac OS X snow leopard is quite faster and a lot more responsive than that of Leopard. Discussed below are some of the exciting new features of snow leopard that include Expose, Dock, Stacks, Finder, Safari 4, and QuickTime X.

Expose is a system for finding the window of your choice on a cluttered desktop. With Snow Leopard you can now access Expose from the Dock. All you have to do is just click and hold on a Dock icon to view thumbnails of all open windows in the application and use the Tab key to cycle through the preview thumbnails of open applications. The Dock enables you with the drag and drop facility between applications. Stacks in Apple Mac OS X snow leopard has been upgraded for a better usage. In Snow Leopard, Stacks comes with a scroll bar icons making it easy to launch applications out of the Dock.

The Finder has a zoom slider that can help you zoom in on icons. An enhanced icon view lets you preview multipage documents or even play QuickTime movies without having to leave the Finder window. Now you can preview all file types ranging from Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and even PDF without owning the respective programs.

Although Safari 4 has been in use for some time, in Apple Mac OS X snow leopard it offers a set of new features. It is now crash resistant and any program that crashes can be reloaded just by refreshing the browser. It is also capable of warning you when you visit fraudulent sites or phishing sites. Top sites, enables you to view frequently visited websites faster. QuickTime X also comes with great features providing users with a pleasant experience while watching movies. Apart from the above mentioned features Apple Mac OS X snow leopard also has loads of other features in the security and performance-related areas.

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