Overview of RoboForm – Web Form Filling Program

RoboForm is a fascinating web tool that can help in reducing time when it comes to filling out Web forms and logging onto subscription sites. RoboForm can be downloaded from the publisher’s website directly. Different versions of the product namely Business, personal, Enterprise and Professional are available for various purposes. Roboform software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. The software that has been in existence for quite some time in the market has been upgraded after a long time. The latest version named as RoboForm 7 is free to try for thirty days. The latest innovation RoboForm 7 is compatible with Google Chrome and Safari browsers and also supports iPhone/iPad and Android.

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Logging into websites or form filling has never been so easy, quick or secure before. RoboForm is designed to memorize and store data used in the forms securely. Once the data is stored the when you visit the website next time it offers all of the data instantly saving a lot of time. The amazing login feature of RoboForm avoids all of the cumbersome manual steps involved in logging into online accounts. All you need to do is a single click on RoboForm to navigate a website and fill in the username and password and even click the submit button on your behalf.

With RoboForm it is easy to complete even long registration and checkout forms in websites by clicking RoboForm Identity. You can have a multiple password and yet all you need to remember is the one master password. RoboForm will do the rest for you. The latest edition of the software comes with the finger print option via which you can set your fingerprint as the master password.

Installation of RoboForm is quiet simple and it’s during installation you will have to define the master password. The plug-in for IE Firefox Google Chrome and Opera can be opted during the installation. There is also provision to import passwords and favorites that have already been stored in the browser. When it comes to enhancing security, unlike other similar software in the market, RoboForm does not provide you with the ratings however, the password generator can suggest you strong passwords. The highlight is that it avoids ambiguous letter like the O or zero which could easily confuse users.

Browser toolbar, info bar, and tray icon are the ones through which you can interact with RoboForm. In case you would like to organize and edit the data, RoboForm editor comes very handy. You have the access to several areas including passwords, bookmarks, applications, identities, contacts, and the like. The search box is very useful to find out a particular entry among the huge amount of stored data.

RoboForm also has few drawbacks. For example, while you can import data from eternal sources the data can’t be exported to Outlook or the Windows Address book. It is also not possible to use saved e-mail ids to send mails from the software. One other major disadvantage is that you will have to shell out separately if you wish a portable edition, while its competitors come with an inbuilt ability to create portable edition.

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