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If you are wondering how Digital deejaying has gained such popularity over the recent years, Virtual DJ can be cited as one of the reasons. When compared with a conventional DJ with its hardware and physical media requirements, the MP3-based mixing station is not only easy to use but also is very cheap.

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There are several free software in this regard and Virtual DJ tops the list. Free version of Virtual DJ often comes with USB-based hardware mixing consoles like Hercules and Numark. You can also upgrade to the pro version of the software with a nominal license fee.

Virtual DJ has emerged as one of the most used DJ software in the world. Over a million downloads of the software happen every month. Virtual DJ has established its supremacy as the most preferred one over the past decade. Thanks to the cutting-edge beatlock engine that keeps the songs on the beat. Apart from being easy to use, Virtual DJ is indeed faster than most other DJs in the market. When it comes to remixing on the fly, the performance of the seamless loop engine and the synchronized sampler is simply superb. In combination with NetSearch and MusicGroups, Virtual DJ can keep you on contemporary trends in the music world. A variety of downloadable skins and the flexible VDJ Script can help you customize your software according to your needs.

The two main advantages of Virtual DJ include the netsearch option that allows users to search music images and video from the internet and the MusicGroups function with the ability to suggest track that you can play. Apart from the two amazing features Virtual DJ also houses a number of other mind blowing features.

Although Virtual DJ doesn’t target newbie users, it certainly is intuitive for those who have an inclination toward music. Upon installation, Virtual DJ populates a folder tree at the bottom to enable you an easy access to your collection of songs and music. It is possible to browse tracks or listen to samples or add effects and record with the tabs which serve as multi-function area at the center.

At the top of the window you can find two dominant digital turntables with different colors. While the one on the left site is blue in color, the one on the right side is red in color. You can use these turntables to cue, loop, adjust pitch, scratch, and shift. In the center of the interface is located the mixing console, using which you can adjust the gain and master volume, and also the transition between the two tracks. Dragging and dropping of songs you can see the display of sound waves on the bar that helps you with the visual mixing. It also houses a video input option that lets you create mosaic to the music.

In spite of its style and enormous features, learning to use Virtual DJ is quite cumbersome. In fact using them with out the help of hardware is lot tougher. However, hooking up a compatible USB controller can make it much easier.

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