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This century has seen many wonders in the communication arena. Today, you can just talk to anyone from anywhere in the world. The technology has even made it possible to have live video chat with your near and dear staying far away from you. The world of internet is a step ahead and has come up with cheap and effective communication tools. Yahoo one of the undisputed leader in the internet world constantly strive to keep in pace with the others or even deliver a better application for its users. Yahoo multi messenger 11 is a great leap when it comes to making full-screenYahoo video conferencing a reality.

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The new IM from yahoo comes with wide range of new features that could excite users. Yahoo multi messenger 11 can provide you with the experience of having a face to face conversation with the person you are chatting. Although the quality of the video depends on the capabilities of the gadget you use, in general the yahoo has greatly improved the video quality in its new release. This has been greatly appreciated by the users of beta version in their reviews on Yahoo multi messenger 11.

One other great news for lovers of social network is that the IM client from yahoo can update you with the latest entries made by friends and fans in the social networking sites. Yahoo multi messenger 11 also is capable of supporting a number of world languages and the feature is now available as language bar in the IM’s interface. While the leaders in communication such as Skype, fring, and apple have started providing incredible facilities at very low costs, yahoo multi messenger 11 will soon be one of the favorite platform for mobile, web (VOIP) Video calls over WiFi and in 3G networks. This is an ambitious project of yahoo that intends to make worldwide communication free of cost for users with its internet resources. In other words, a common man will be able to make mobile to mobile call both video and voice calls using the WiFi and 3G technologies.

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Apart from the above mentioned facilities, Yahoo multi messenger offer great features such as updating your status in social networking sites, chat with friends in facebook, drag and drop file sharing facilities, and much more. Lovers of internet games do get their when it comes to gaming with the IM. Yahoo multi messenger 11 also lets you play the popular social gaming Zynga.

Yahoo multi messenger 11 is available as a free download in various websites. A glance at the reviews by the users will provide you with more insight into the wonder full application by Yahoo. While Yahoo multi messenger 11 has received all praises from the users, you can also find cautions that refer to personal privacy.

Multi Yahoo Messenger 11


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