TI-84 Plus CE Operating System

The TI-84 Plus series which emerged as the most preferred graphing calculator from Texas Instruments has still retained it status among educators and students of higher education. With a series of improvement such as additional memory and USB ports the instrument is getting better by the day.


TI-84 Plus family Operating System v 2.55MP comes as the latest release in the TI-84 plus series a wonder product from Texas Instruments Inc. The company that added color to higher education is constantly involved in improving its products.  TI-84 Plus family Operating System v 2.55MP, which is the latest innovation from the concern has a lot of features in it one of the most desired features is the ‘MathPrint’. MathPrint can also be downloaded for TI-84 Plus and TI-84 Plus Silver edition graphing calculators. Here we list out some of the important features of TI-84 Plus operating system 2.55MP.

  • MathPrint enables users to view math symbols and formulas including fractions as they are.
  • There is also an option that permits users to switch between ‘MathPrint’ mode and Classic mode.
  • 2-D templates come handy, when it comes to viewing improper fractions or mixed numbers.
  • Now it is possible to scroll through the history in both ‘MathPrint’ and classic mode by highlighting it and pressing the enter button.

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