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Play way method of education for kids have been very successful and is being followed through out the globe. However, this highly successful method was restricted to the Kindergarten students due to lack of facilities to take it to higher standards.

TI-Nspire™ Handheld Operating System - Texas Instruments, TI-Nspire graphing calcs get full color displays, 3D, WiFi, and new OS

TI-Nspire Handheld OS has brought about the change and has proved that even students of higher standards can have fun with education and check the reality of the theories they study.

For a long time the math and science concepts were mere printed material to be read and imagined by the students. TI-Nspire Handheld OS has taken these subjects to a new dimension, where students can experience the relevance of the concepts in the real world. TI-Nspire Handheld OS now enables students to experiment the reality of the concepts beyond the four walls of the class room.

The latest version of TI-Nspire Handheld OS comes with a great deal of data for exciting experiments. The built-in Vernier DataQuest app and TI-Nspire data collection tools empowers the user to create hypothesis and verify it graphically. The graph differential equation of the software enables the students to model real world events such as population growth or any other natural phenomena with ease. Students of science and math subjects specializing in pre calculus or Calculus now can explore the functions in a 3D space using the 3D graphing functionality of TI-Nspire Handheld OS.


TI-Nspire™ Student Software – 30-day Trial (Windows® and Macintosh®):


Download Item Version Size (KB)
TI-Nspire Student Software for Macintosh 228,932
TI-Nspire Student Software for Windows 203,075

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