Top Ten Antivirus in 2012

Often times it is hard to compare different products for performance by individual buyers. For this reason we have listed out the Top Ten Antivirus in 2012 for making it easy for you to choose your suitable antivirus suit from the renowned publishers.

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As ever the competition among the antivirus software companies is tough and ongoing war. Every one of the popular publishers is striving hard to retain their positions and their market by making better versions of their antivirus products. The 2012 versions of antivirus have already been shaped to provide a better defense against threats to systems. Among the several competitors we here present you the best performing antivirus in the form of Top Ten Antivirus in 2012 list along with brief discussion of the criteria taken into consideration of how we arrived at the product ranking.

List of Top Ten Antivirus 2012 :

  • BitDefender Antivirus 2012
  • Norton Antivirus 2012
  • Vipre Antivirus 2012
  • ESET Antivirus 2012
  • Kaspersky Antivirus 2012
  • F-Secure Antivirus 2012
  • TrendMicro Antivirus 2012
  • ZoneAlarm Antivirus 2012
  • Panda Antivirus 2012
  • McAfee Antivirus 2012

When it comes to rating antivirus for the performances the following factors are considered to have major impact: Speed, stealth performance, detection capabilities, link scanning, cleaning virus, updates, blocking malicious websites, preventing phishing attempts, technical support, and the like. While these are essential characteristics of antivirus software programs, we also have taken in to consideration the pricing of the individual antivirus software because it wouldn’t be proper to rank them without the value they provide for your money.

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Speed plays an important role in the computing arena and this is the first of all the factors that have been taken into account while ranking the Top Ten Antivirus 2012. The above list of Top Ten Antivirus 2012 was arrived after comparing and contrasting various products. While some of them were fast enough others were a little slow enabling us to rank them.

When it comes to stealth performance, it is the capability of antivirus programs to detect and prevent viruses that are designed to deactivate antivirus programs. All the money spent and efforts taken would otherwise go waste if such viruses are quicker than the antivirus programs.

The third of the ranking criteria is the detection capabilities of the antivirus programs. Although this is the primary task of every antivirus program, we observed a difference in their capabilities of detecting and quarantining of infected files. Here too the speed and effectiveness have been considered to rank them.

While the threat combating capabilities of individual antivirus programs are important, the support provided by the publishers is yet another important aspect when it comes to antivirus programs. The nature of support provided and the efficiency of customer care by the vendors were some of the things taken into consideration for creating the Top Ten Antivirus 2012 list.

It is true that the higher the cost the better the quality of the product will be. However, in the world of internet where a stiff competition prevails, it is all right to expect the best products for reasonable price. Thus our ratings have also taken into consideration the value for your money. We have also taken into account the discount coupons provided by the publishers for the customers when it comes reducing the price of the products.

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