Use 3DP Chip to Solve Driver-Related Problems

Computers are truly windows of the world as long as you have everything in its place. However, when important files get corrupted, you would realize that no other thing in the world is as tough as your system. Especially, when the device drivers are incompatible, you would search the internet ceaselessly and yet find no solution for days. This is where 3D Chip comes to your rescue.

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One of the most acute problems faced by PC users is the inability to locate the latest device drivers for their enumerate devices like CPU, MOBO, Graphic Card, Sound Card, and Ethernet Card. At times users even feel that it is better to discard the system and go in for a new PC due to the severity of the problem.

It is true that there a few programs available in the market that can help users fix their problems in PCs. However most of them are very heavy and are cumbersome to use. 3DP Chip on the other hand is simply elite making it much easier for the users to download latest of the device drivers with just a few clicks.

3DP Chip automatically detects and displays the information and status of CPU, motherboard, video card, and sound card installed on the system. It also allows you to copy the information so that you can use it in forums or other online helping portals to get advice from the experts. Apart from this facility you can use the application to download the latest of the device drivers for any of the components mentioned above.

One other major problem faced by users that have just formatted their PCs and re-installed the windows operating system is the inability to connect to the internet due to lack of device drivers. This of course is a real menace that handicaps the user from even searching the internet for the device drivers. Surprisingly the sister program of 3DP Chip known as 3DP Net, which is yet another wonderful program by the same publisher, enables your system to detect the internet connection and use it to download respective drivers.

Once you have detected the problems in your PC, it just takes a few minutes to fix them with the help of 3DP Chip. Not only do you save a good sum from being paid to the PC repair shop, but you also save a lot of time and relieve yourself from unnecessary anxiety. Moreover you get the satisfaction of feeling yourself as PC savvy. This wonderful software does not cost you an arm and a leg, indeed they come to you free of cost despite their worthiness in solving problems in your systems. You can download the applications from any of the free software portals and start using it instantly.

3DP Chip is simple to set up and requires just a meager space of 500KB. It uses a powerful detection algorithm that has over 22,000 integrated databases and is useful for both novice and experts when it comes to solving driver related problems in the system.

3DP Chip Features:

  • Simple – Setup or additional program does not required. everything included in 900KB
  • Powerful – Assembly, C++ based, have more than 12,000 integrated database
  • Easy to use – Designed for both expert and novice users.


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