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Download free Cooliris Previews Firefox Add-on Review:

Free download Cooliris for Firefox Add-on. It is the fastest add-on for Firefox extension in the form of searching photos, images, network sites with high-speed access and provides 3D effect navigation to the daily netizens. Downloading free 3D wall Cooliris add on for Firefox browser surely it turns the users’ web surfing in to graphical experience.

It’s believed that there is no doubt that the cross-platform and cross-browser Cooliris puts the “graphic” back in “graphic user interface”.

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Installing Cooliris free 3D wall for Firefox browser as an add-on bar, it places a button on the Toolbar. While you’re on a Cooliris-enabled Web site, the thing is that to get the Cooliris add-on just clicks the Cooliris key to activate the Cooliris interface. The high speed Add-on bar for Firefox has been released in exceptional versions, and the most recent version of Cooliris add-on for Firefox comes with advanced functional features.

Cooliris is coming to introduce modern logo and User interface layout, auto-minimizing sidebar, wall feeds, filter channels using search box, list box for channels, improved performance, hardware detection, best performance with  flash files, fixed crash, fixed FF crash, low CPU utilization, tabbed browsing, adjust window size, 3D wall, bookmark, toggle feature, full screen, scroll bar, improved support for top social networking sites, NVIDIA hardware support, transparent overlay, fixed graphic corruption, local file support, Facebook support, drag and drop attribute, stability enhancements, personal 3D wall, streamlined interface, improved graphics.

Cooliris for Firefox provides best performance with 3D effect, zoom support, and effortless graphical user interface. Downloading this one can find cool plug-ins for Firefox extension.

The interesting features in this Cooliris is that discover which finds out random pictures in different category wise and those can be added as user’s favorites list as well as it allows user to shop the stuff from various sites, the main ones are Amazon, HBO, Sky mall, Wall mart etc. To get this Cooliris you are required to register and then login.

The features and specifications of free Cooliris free add-on:

  1. The Cooliris add-on bar for Firefox extension supports Windows® operating system.

System Requirements

Operating System
Windows: XP, Vista, 7
OSX: Mac OS X: 10.5-10.7 (operates in 32-bit browser mode)
Linux: Ubuntu 8.04+, Fedora 10.0+, OpenSuse 11+
Minimum: 1 GHz
Recommended: Any type of multi-core processor.
Note: For Macs, any model with an Intel chip will work. PPC Macs are not supported.
Minimum: 512 MB
Recommended: 1 GB
Graphics Processor Unit (GPU):
Minimum: 64 MB VRAM. Intel: 8xx. NVidia: GeForce 4. ATI: Radeon 8500.
Recommended: 128 MB VRAM. Intel: 9xx. NVidia: GeForce 5/FX. ATI: Radeon 9500.

How To Use Piclens Cooliris Firefox Plugin To View Images

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