Outlook Express a Pragmatic Email Program

There are several email programs available for internet users. Some of the popular email clients among the internet users include Outlook Express from Microsoft, Thunderbird from Mozilla, and Zimbra an open source email client. Since Windows is one of the widely used operating systems, many users are comfortable with Outlook Express. This article briefs some of the user-friendly elements in the email client that makes it a pragmatic email client.

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Outlook Express is one of the free email clients available for users of Windows XP from Microsoft. Although later versions such as Windows vista and Windows 7 come with Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express is still one of the favorite email programs used by many. Users wishing to switch over to Windows Live Mail can also import all of the messages, contacts and accounts from Outlook Express with ease.

The interface of Outlook Express is a clean one with elegant highlight on the main functionalities of the program namely backing up, restoring, and scheduling. Even novice users can with the help of the wizard configure backup settings. The program also houses some of the most needed features for backup like the scheduling jobs, compressing files, and encrypting the archive.

Outlook Express being one of the most user-friendly mail clients enables users to create fancy stationary when it comes to customizing emails from multiple accounts such as, POP, IMAP, MSN, and the like. It is also possible to customize the mail box according to your wishes. Message filter is yet another amazing option offered by Outlook Express. It is not only easy to filter messages but can make it convenient for the users to separate important emails from the rest. The email client offers 12 conditions and 12 actions using which users can organize their incoming mails. Outlook Express can be set in such a manner that emails containing certain words can be sent directly to the trash without getting appearing in the inbox. You can also direct the program to delete emails when mails arrive from a particular email id that you think is not worth reading or malicious.

One other feature that is very useful is the ‘block remote images’ often emails with remote images take a long time to load and also consume the bandwidth of limited internet connections thus costing more. You can block remote images using Outlook express and still get the complete essence of the email through the text messages.

Previewing emails is another feature where you can decide if you need to open the email at all. Preview facility of the Outlook Express provides you the complete textual content of the mail and is safe to view the contents of the mail without having to open the mail. In case you find the content of the mail to be suspicious you can delete the mail without opening it. While the protection and privacy offered by the email client is simply great, there are also a few drawbacks that include non availability of templates and the like which is offered by its competitors.

Setting Up Outlook Express

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