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There are several membership websites the offer free download of movies and music to their members. Of late Real SuperPass has got much hype and has become a smart way of downloading music, watching online TV channels, movies, streaming radio, playing games, and many more. In fact the website offers much more than you could expect from a membership download site.

To start with, the navigation of the website is simple and easy to use. Within a short span you can get accustomed to the websites components and start enjoying your favorites. Before getting into the detailed view, a glance at the features offered can give you a clear picture of what Real SuperPass is all about.

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First of all you can find a wide range of audio and video downloads along with live streaming of TV channels, radio services and all of them can be enjoyed in the enhanced version of RealPlayer. The collection of classic and independent movies is simply amazing. There are hundreds of radio stations. You can also watch latest and popular TV channels such as the CNN or the BigBrother and more.

Upon subscription you will be provided with a RealPlayer Plus, a fantastic and easy to use software program, which comes handy in organizing and managing your media files. It boosts up file transfer speed and accelerates file downloading. Other features include single click CD/DVD burning, live feed to BigBrother house, free MP3 downloads, online streaming of TV channels, security and parental control facilities, audio video controllers, integrated online store for MP3 and the like.

The Real Player is a well known multimedia player which has the ability to play most audio and video formats. Real Player Plus on the other hand is more advantageous in the sense that it not only is compatible with various file formats but also empowers the users with the ability of organizing and managing files. RealPlayer Plus is in fact a highly beneficial fringe benefit that comes along with your Real SuperPass.

Unlike several websites the offer you a peep in to what they have to offer, Real SuperPass’ homepage do not provide much details to guests. However, if you sign up fro the free trial of 14 days offered by the website you can get a glimpse of what Real SuperPass is all about. However, registration requires a genuine email id and credit card details. Although it is understood that the subscription can be safely cancelled during the 14-day trial period there seems to be a lot of hue and cry from the users regarding cancellation procedures.

If you are a lover of movies, Real SuperPass is just one of the options out there which you need to try yourself. It is a good idea to compare the advantages and disadvantages of Real SuperPass with websites that offer similar services in order to get the best one that can serve your purpose.

RealPlayer SuperPass

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