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SnipShot is an exclusive multitasking online photo editor for photographers, who love to make changes in photos, images and other snapped images in camera. The snipshot picture editing web 2.0 app lets unpaid photographers all the tools they need to bring their images to life without any difficult downloads or add-on packages.

Snipshot allows users edit uncooked files and add special effects to photos of virtually any size. You can even snipshot or easily edit a large scanned image, of 2552 x 3508 pixels, and resize it to 240 x 280.

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Snipshot online image editor tool sports an assortment of photo editing features that allow adjusting numerous aspects of your pictures. With SnipShot you can resize, crop, rotate, and add effects and improve the superiority of photographs.  Snipshot image editor tools are going to be one area which makes a lot of advance in photo editing field. Snipshot allows users do away with opening a split graphics editing program for simple edits. There five functions can be performed once an image has been imported. User can even save it in GIF or JPG format and as well as even upload it to your Flickr account.

Where can upload imagers and editing tips:

User can upload images from his or her computer and can enter the Web address of any photo online which Snipshot segregates and permit to edit. Once installed, it appears in your browser then right-click context menu so you simply click on the image and select “edit in Snipshot.” You need not to worry about damaging yours image – the original remains untouched and the site keeps a record of it for 24 hours. Any errors you do make can be solved with a simple click of “undo”. There’s nothing much more to it than that – all the functions work in the same way as any other graphics editor and in real-time.

The key features and highlights of free snipshot online image editor:

  1. You can brighten up pictures of your friend before posting them online
  2. Crop your ex-boyfriend out of a vacation photo
  3. Give your brother’s portrait a unique look by adding a grayscale effect
  4. Adjust the contrast or brightness of your photos before having them printed
  5. Use the bookmark let to import photos onto Snipshot from any website
  6. Images can be saved as GIF, JPG, PDF, or PNG files
  7. Edit photos up to 10 MB or 25 megapixels in size
  8. Use Snapshot’s free API to integrate the web-app into your own website
  9. People who aren’t at ease editing photos can still use Snapshot’s one-click enhancement tools
  10. The adjust button opens a window that lets photo editors to change the angle, exposure, contrast, saturation, hue, and sharpness of their picture. Once it’s done, just click “Continue,” and your file will be saved according to your earlier choice.

Snipshot plugin for Firefox

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