Use iPhone and iPod Firmware to update and Restore

It is a well known fact the iPhones and iPods are getting smarter by the day. However, there exist a few issues that are being sort out by techies to get the best out of the devices from the Apple. Let’s have a glance at the latest patch up effort. iOS is in fact the foundation of iPhone and come to you with a user friendly interface and excellent features with great stability. In spite of others trying to catch up with the technology, iPhone and iPod firmware is considered to be years ahead of it closest competitor. Capabilities of iPhone and iPode firmware as claimed by the publisher include updating iTunes, restoring iPhone or iPod software, and get back your gadgets to the factory settings.

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Some of the areas where the latest iPhone and iPode firmware succeeded include getting rid of dropped calls, improvement in battery life, quick backup, quick application installation, accurate display of 3G signal strength, resolving bugs with documents in the Cloud, improvement in voice recognition and elimination of keyboard lag. Earlier versions of iPhone and iPod Firmware when updated would erase all of the data in the device and would require you to upload them again which indeed were very cumbersome task. Now it is possible to create a one-time back up of the device in your PC or MAC and restore it with ease. If you prefer restoration of your iPhone and iPod to factory condition, all of the data including songs, videos, contacts, photos, calendar information, and any other can be erased.

The following steps will help you in downloading the iPhone and iPode firmware directly from Apple. First check if you are using iTunes 8, and then connect your iPhone or iPod to your system. As soon as iTunes opens select your device under Devices from the source list. In the iPhone summary pane click on the ‘Check for update tab’. Now click download and install and beware not to disconnect your device until the update is complete.

If you are wondering how to update or restore your devices such as iPhone or iPod the following steps can help you in your tasks. First download the firmware for your device then click on the update or restore button in iTunes, while holding Shift key on your PC. Now you can instruct the iTunes to use the IPSW file downloaded for the purpose of restoring or updating your iPhone and iPod.

Some of the areas that have come with fixes include CFNetwork, CoreGraphics, Data Security, Kernel, libinfo, for iOS 3.0 through 5.0 for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, iOS 3.1 through iOS 5.0 for iPod touch (3rd generation) and later. Along with the above mentioned features the following are available for latest devices Passcode Lock, Notifications, Calendar improvements, Mail improvements, Game Center improvements, Multitasking Gestures, icloud support and many more.

How to UPDATE your iPod touch / iPhone to ANY firmware for FREE !!


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