Download Free Flash Chess for Windows 7

Flash Chess for windows is a freeware 3D computer chess game allowing users to experience the real chess gaming and brain storming feel while playing this flash chess on windows.

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The flash computer chess simply allows us to play chess against our computer on a 3D board. You can choose the levels of chess its simply depends on your gaming knowledge. The computer is made to think for only a few seconds per move at the most, consequently you can keep the game fast paced. This program is designed for beginner chess players of a low strength.

Before going to play the free flash 3d chess on your desktop, you are required to choose the side either the white or the black. Then you will need to select the desired game level. When the computer plays at its normal level, it will think for around 5 seconds and it can be challenging for normal players. Casual flash chess thinks for about one second. This is a good setting for quick matches during a coffee break. Novice flash chess plays at its lowest level. Use this setting if you are still learning chess or if you want to beat it quickly.

System requirements:

Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista, Windows Vista

  • Applicable Microsoft Surface Software Platforms:
    • Microsoft Surface Runtime 1.0
    • Microsoft Surface SDK 1.0
    • Microsoft Surface Runtime 1.0 SP1
    • Microsoft Surface SDK 1.0 SP1

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