Download Quick Heal Antivirus Pro for Windows 8

Quick Heal Antivirus Pro for Windows 8 64bit Review:

Some of the features of the Quickheal Antivirus are simply admirable. We here list out a few of them for you to compare it with its competitors in the market.

Newbie computer users who have spent quite an amount on the hardware and operating systems often make the mistake of neglecting antivirus software. May be it is partially due to the expenses involved in buying a paid version or due to the annoying and troublesome free antivirus. Whatever it is, if you are one who hesitates spending on antivirus, you ought to opt for the free version provided by popular publishers. It is true that the world of internet offers a variety of Antivirus software for free. Different popular publishers have come out with different freeware that have their own merits and demerits.

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It is not possible for you either to download all of the software and test them before you could choose the best one suitable for your purposes. The user reviews can come handy in choosing your antivirus. Here we provide you with some of the positives in the popular Quickheal Antivirus.

Quickheal anti virus is one among the popular names when it comes to free antivirus software. Quickheal anti virus provides good internet security and protects your systems against multiple threats to your system such as viruses, worms, Trojans, spy wares and other threats. Although protection against threats is the ultimate aim of antivirus software, there are quiet an amount of differences in the way each antivirus software works. Quickheal anti virus has its own unique technology that has proved to be very efficient.

Some of the admirable features of Quickheal anti virus is that it has become smarter and lighter than before. When it comes to the uniqueness of Quickheal anti virus, the well known indigenous technology termed as DNAScan. The publishers have now increased the efficiency of the product by improving certain features like anti-phishing and parental control. This comes very helpful for internet users that use it for heavy online transactions and those who wish their children to stay updated and yet fear of losing control over them in accessing undesirable websites in the internet.

Some of the admirable features of the free Quickheal anti virus is that it uses very low system resources while providing a great protection to systems. This enables the systems to retain their speed as well as work in a safe environment. Protection include anti-virus, anti-spy ware, anti-malware, rookit-removal, USB protection, browsing protection, anti-phishing, anti-spam, Firewall Protection, and parental control.

When it comes to the performance of the antivirus, it certainly falls behind various popular brands that have established their dominance in the world of security. However, it is wrong to underestimate the capabilities of this good looking wonder working free antivirus. It is indeed a worthy software that can provide a high level of security to your systems free of cost.

Although we have provided you with the good elements present in the Quickheal anti virus, we strongly suggest that you compare it with other products available in the internet and also have a glance at the drawbacks of utilizing a particular antivirus before choosing it as your system’s guardian.

 Operating System and Minimum System Requirements :

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

300 MHz Pentium (or compatible) Processor

256 MB of RAM

Service Pack 4

Microsoft Windows XP

300 MHz Pentium (or compatible) Processor

256 MB of RAM

Service Pack 2

Microsoft Windows Vista

1 GHz Pentium (or compatible) Processor

512 MB of RAM

Microsoft Windows 7

1 GHz Pentium (or compatible) Processor

For 32-bit: 512 MB of RAM; For 64-bit: 1 GB RAM.

 User’s Guide for Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro 2012 for Windows

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