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Google Chrome is an ideal web browser for people to surf the web effectively it is developed by Google. According to sources Google chrome is the second most widely used browser, having recently overtaken Mozilla Firefox, with 27.27% worldwide usage share of web browsers. So now chrome is going to get a reliable speed and security treatment for beta version17.

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To boost up chrome browsing speed especially Google is going to apply Instant predictive search software to the omnibox and improves its safer browsing software to alert users about fishy websites. Previously Google chrome 16 has given more reliable and trustworthy browsing services to the web browsers now a month after it is going to push Google chrome. This latest build chrome 17 platform especially concentrates on delivering speed and security enhancements with background pre-loading of web pages and downloading screening functionality added.

A number of other, more minor changes and the usual slew of bug fixes are also included, including adjustable margins in Print Preview and a prompt to confirm the cancellation of incomplete downloads when the user closes the last window of an incognito profile.

According to the sources the headline features with the beta release, are however, firmly focused on speed and security. Some web pages are now pre-loaded in the background as web users type the address into the Omnibox – if Chrome is confident it knows where the user is going, the web page is pre-loaded so it appears more quickly. Chrome also introduces an extension to its Safe Browsing technology that can automatically screens all downloaded executable files for known malware, alerting the user if any are found. It’ll also alert the user if a file is downloaded from a website with a poor reputation for hosting malware-infected files.

At the present time, the database of known malware is relatively small, but is expected to grow rapidly as the feature moves into the next major stable release. It mirrors similar functionality already found in Internet Explorer as well as a host of security tools including Norton Internet Security 2012. As always, however, the user should not rely solely on this feature to protect them from malicious downloads.

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