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Picnic is an additional key to easily share files or folders between two Macs it is especially designed to run on two or more Macs on a common local area network (LAN/WLAN). Picnic has the knack to create shared folders of files which are repeatedly and continuously synchronized between all users’ accounts using Bonjour.

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Here the files can be edited ‘offline’ and are synced back to other Picnic users as soon as the bonjour connection is re-established. Picnic allows work groups together work on any documents or credentials that are present as single files, i.e. using Photoshop, Office documents etc. It offers an alternative to classical file server (AFP/Samba) based shared folders or network drives in the course of n-way file syncing.

Once this is done, you are required to work in the Picnic interface. You just press the + button at the bottom left to add new folders or files that you wish to add. All files will be listed on the left side of the interface. On the right, the program is smartly alienated into three tabs for subscribers, conflicts and queues to monitor your synchronization.

When user adds a folder to Picnic it appears in the Picnic folder, from where he or she will be able to sync it to his or her other Mac. Users can smoothly subscribe or unsubscribe to other users and the Picnic lets users add a password to protect their files.

Key features of freeware picnic:

  1. No need of file server to setup, administer and maintenance
  2. No backup server needed as content of a shared folder is synced to several computer hard drives where they can be recovered effortlessly.
  3. Mobile or offline users automatically have access to the shared folders without being on the network
  4. Mobile or offline users can modify files. Those changes are synced back to the other Picnic users as soon as a local network connection is re-established.
  5. Picnic is meant for collaborating groups with little need for fine grained access control and also new shared folders can be created and published within seconds.

Picnic Tutorial


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