Font Flasher 1.0

FontFlasher 1.0 Tool is exceptional font design software for your older version fonts. Yes really you heard it right the fontflasher tool can convert any kind of font format into a pixel font by adding pretty well appearance in macromedia flash.

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Fontflasher is a user-friendly tool so users will have good control over it and different types of fonts can be changed safely and a list of flashable files for this suite so users can download what they wish to acquire with this free fontflasher tool.

Font flasher, enlarging its smart tasks with having pixel font creator, lets you and fontflash users to convert almost any format font into a pixelfont giving scrunch type of visual effect in Macromedia flash. Macromedia Flash uses TrueType fonts with relatively smaller sizes, to give your fonts a crusty and fizzy look. Generally pixel fonts can be produced in any font format TrueType, Type 1, and Open Type – but the TrueType font format is more common. FontFlasher 1.0 converts a font into much clearer and more legible onscreen appearance.

Here one small note: is that according sources Font Flasher requires FontLab Studio or Type Tool to generate font in TrueType (or) Type 1 format

The process of generating the pixel outline font by font flasher tool:

  1. First select a font to convert to a pixel font.
  2. Then you select the pixel size font as per your requirements for your font.
  3. Then select a codepage for your font or else a Unicode to convert all characters (As per Windows XP requirements).
  4. After that save your font in FontLab format (.vfb).
  5. Then use the Pixel tool in FontLab to edit your glyphs (requires installed Python interpreter).
  6. Generate your TrueType font in FontLab, and you’re done!
  7. Font Flasher requires FontLab Studio or TypeTool to generate font in TrueType or Type 1 format.

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