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Some times the valuable and one-off files stored on your personal PC hard disk are vulnerable to damage in the course of a vast set of threats from accidental erasures to normal calamity.

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Free online storage services provide an easy and well-located way to safeguard your documents, photos and music files from such threats. Your files are backed up and the copies are stored online, where they are safe, secure and accessible from any internet connection. If your original files are ever damaged or lost, you can easily restore your files. Many online storage services also allow you to share your files with others, typically through a link to a folder with the files you want to share.

Free online Storage Services:

Free online storage services provide the basic functionality of online data storage, but they can differ. When it comes to the functional features and storage space allotments, before choosing a service, one has to check it whether it’s essential to evaluate your storage needs and the quality of the service. Keeping in mind we have introduced a unique and well organized free online data storage service to store users’ data.

The following are the criteria of free online data service to access the top online storage services in our lineup.

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Free online storage services should provide practical features that make uploading, accessing and sharing your files easy. An online storage service should also provide remote and mobile access to your account.

1. Security:

Security should be a top priority to choosing an online storage service. Online storage services should employ strong security measures to safeguard your files during transmission and when stored on their servers.

2. Storage Space:

The best online storage services offer sufficient storage space for a reasonable price. We looked for free online storage services that are powerful however simple enough for the average consumer to understand and use.

Free online storage services provide protected and easily accessible cloud storage that allows you to view and share your files from anywhere, anytime. You can free up space on your hard disk while ensuring you will never lose your personal files.

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  1. Greta Zucca says:

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  2. Juan Mcquaig says:

    This case makes your tablet substantially thicker, almost an inch thick. However it looks good and protects well. There are some issues with it blocking the cameras, the front facing is completely covered and the rear is blocked when folded (the strap gets in the way too). The volume rocker is also obscured. On a positive note, the angles it stands at are useful for note taking, typing, and watching media.