Samsung Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich Update

The newest Android update was assured a week ago, but there has been no symbol of it. Now S2 users might be waiting ’till the end of April. Don’t hold your breath, advises one S2 owner who rang Samsung.

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They explained everyone will be updated from the 24th April. Naturally, my response was that here in Britain weekly includes a week and that they must avoid using the definition of ‘week commencing’. I first don’t purchase Samsung products or Android-based phones. They’re both a pile of pants! A state reply to the complaint to Samsung currently states, I am sorry which you have the relieve the Android platform 4.0 has not been quick enough. All we are able to advise is it has become released so when readily available for your handset you will be prompted for your update once you hook up to Kies within the coming weeks.

Samsung has additionally delayed the making of Soft ice cream Sandwich towards the Galaxy Note. It is now scheduled for Q2 of the year, but keeping in mind that Q2 starts in April, the update for both the Note and S2 may occur at the same time in fact. Google’s latest Android 4 Samsung Galaxy S2 Frozen treats Sandwich is continued to operate because the brands mains Smartphone. In addition, new camera putting on Google’s latest frozen treats Sandwich OS offers all sorts of stylish features that were not the segment with the per-existent Android releases. The Frozen goodies Sandwich craze for that Samsung Galaxy S2 generally is growing every day, with many different developers appearing in the media and vowing support for the device.

Many custom ROMs depending on frozen goodies Sandwich have been released currently and it entirely possible that many of them are similar in features. However, one ROM differentiates itself through the remaining pack, one which will make Galaxy S2 owners consider and appearance against each other for their own reasons.Known as the Slim ICS custom ROM for the Galaxy S2, this new ROM’s name speaks for itself like a slim, stripped-down version of ICS.

The developers were able to squeeze the ROM to some mere 75 MB carrying exactly the essential applications and treatment of bloatware seen on official ROMs.

Samsung Galaxy S II with official Ice Cream Sandwich

Android 4.0 update – UI demo

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