Remove WGA Notifications in Windows 7

Although the popularity of Mac OS X is on the increase, windows seems to be the undisputed leader among the operating systems. Microsoft however in the effort to sell its products and avoid illegal copies of its operating systems has designed the Windows Genuine Advanced Notification which is dropped on every computer as an important update. Many users are often irritated by the warning and the self locking of their systems while using windows operating system without genuine license key.

For quiet some time they were only cursing the Microsoft but the debut of WGA remove has brought a smile on their faces. The WGA remover is a small utility that can eliminate the intentionally placed WGA notification and allows users to run their systems without having any problems in their operating systems as claimed by the publisher. In fact, WGA remover’s official website mentions that Windows Genuine Advanced Notification is more harmful to users than of any good use. It is indeed a spy tool placed stealthily in your systems for the sole benefit of Microsoft.

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There are quite a number of WGA remover tools in the market that claim to be successful. However, WGA removers have acquired a mixed bag of reactions from various users and critics. While some claim that they are amazing tools that freed them from the bondage, others accuse them to be a handy tools in the hands of a hacker that could turn your systems in to hackers clone. However, WGA remover was tested in the lab and found more benevolent falsifying the accusations against it. The software actually did not disable the validation procedure of windows but dissolved the adjacent connections and notifications of the Microsoft.

The installation process of WGA remover is quite simple and easy. All you have to do is download the software and runt the executable file. Soon after the reboot, it presents a list of files that need to be deleted. There is no interface as such because the entire program is just a simple dialog which lets you know if you have applied the patch successfully. A few other considerations for those who wish utilize WGA remover is that the antivirus and anti malware applications could stamp this small utility as a threat to the system. While most of the popular antivirus applications do not consider it as harmful, a few do indicate them as dangerous.

While the idea behind the tool is applaud by the majority of windows users that face problems even after having paid for the operating system, critics warn users to be on the safer side. While some of the unbiased reviewers often suggest alternative methods like keeping the system on or restoring to a previous date or at least opt for free operating systems like the Linux. However, if you are in no mood to either purchase the windows operating system or move to other operating systems, then there isn’t anything wrong in giving WGA remover a try.

How to remove Windows Genuine Advantage Notification

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