MyInfoSafe – Protect Your Personal Information

Regard as myINFOSAFE as your confidential data storage place. Within a protected purpose you can shop your own information. The cause you will want many? You imagine your detail ruins secure and sound on your own laptop or computer? Think again that consideration.

professional can access your personal computer over the internet and look at your individual documents and private info. Protect yourself by keeping personal data in this electronic container. The entire one enters in myINFOSAFE is really encrypted utilizing 192 bit encrypted sheild. Maintain the extramarital affairs to assist you and accessible to the family members. In case your worst type of occurs you remains to deal with your estate–is your complete information someplace to make sure that people can discover this? myINFOSAFE is the fact place. You may even create a straightforward income & outlay and net worth declaration to understand your own financial circumstances. Why acquire MYOB, Ms Money or Quicken if you don’t require all of the features of these apps.

Furthermore possess an eye on info about your savings, banking together with insurance policy. You’ll be able to retailer information regarding your personal property to make sure you offer the information in one protected place, to take care of them nicely. You can keep accurate documentation of your new along with family Wellness events so you have someone health record. Also there can be a section so that you can document your thinking along with memories within the simple electronic log. It’s possible to support myINFOSAFE and many types of important computer data with Hardware important and take it together with you when you journey or perhaps are near any office.

MyInfosafe is provided free of charge to utilize regarding One month and charges just underneath Thirty money, and this can be undoubtedly just one large amount of the difficulties it’s created to prevent.

MyInfoSafe Features

  • Personal information repository
  • Personal finance manager
  • Personal asset register
  • Personal health record
  • Secure Backup to a USB

MyInfoSafe System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 (no Apple version available yet).
  • For Windows 7 64 Bit version after download you need to set permissions to run as Administrator.
  • If you have an older version of Windows XP you will be guided to download for free, the Microsoft .net environment.
  • PC no more thanĀ 7 years old.
  • Application download is 20.4MB and occupies 36.6 MB on your computer.
  • As you add information your disk requirements increase. At least 100mb spare disk capacity is recommended.

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