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If you are wondering what is Mobile Me, you need to read the article to find out more about mobile me control panel, mobile me set up, and other vital information.

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MobileMe Control Panel from Apple is the program to manage iDisk settings and synchronize contacts, calendars, and bookmarks on a Windows PC. If you are using Windows OS in your systems and plan to run iTunes mobile me control panel update is a must have. Mobile me control panel download is available in Apple’s software center however, users need to pay a license fee to use the product.

This online service from Apple aids in automatically syncing several vital components such as email, contacts, calendar and the like across various computers and devices such as iPhone, iPod and so on. You need to sign up for mobile me if you are interested in using the service. Some of the features of mobile me include Syncing emails, contacts, bookmarks, calendars etc from Mac operating system to Windows or devices such as iPhone and ipod, and it is capable of working applications that you use and gives you the feeling of carrying your desktop everywhere.

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