Apple Remote Desktop 3.6 Admin

If you have been asking what is remote desktop, or which one is the best Remote desktop for Mac systems then go ahead read more. It is a well known fact that Apple remote desktop with screen sharing feature is the ideal tool for desktop management for various purposes including education, business and professionals.

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Apart from providing you with the ability to manage multiple Mac systems across the network, the Apple Remote desktop 3.6 can also help in increasing productivity and performance of the institution.

If you are planning to install apple remote desktop for your organization, it is important that you go through the apple remote desktop admin guide to avoid pitfalls and troubles. Remote desktop update is also vital in order to keep your tool effective. Whether it be a class room or production center or business network apple Remote access for OS X remote desktop can be the perfect tool for effective administration. Some of the new features of Apple desktop remote 3.6 admin are as follows: Apple remote desktop admin updates work automatically for better performance; the dashboard widget empowers you to have a glance of the remote systems connected in the network with just a click.

About Apple Remote Desktop 3.6 Admin:

The 3.6 update is recommended for Apple Remote Desktop users and addresses several issues related to overall reliability, usability and compatibility. This update also provides:

  • new attributes in the System Overview Report
  • support for IPv6
  • Version: 3.6
  • Post Date: July 25, 2012
  • Download ID: DL1565
  • License: Update
  • File Size: 14.73 MB

System Requirements:

  • OS X Lion 10.7
  • OS X Mountain Lion 10.8

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