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Twitter is yet another highly admired social networking service. The short status updates in the form of tweets especially from popular stars have made twitter one of the most liked websites in the social networking arena.

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Twitter for android app has become very popular with users since many people have started using android based devices to communicate. Twitter apps for android like that of facebook’s or any other social networking services is a great way to keep in touch with your contacts.

Android twitter apps add flavor to the brevity and clarity of the tweets. The open source android apps for twitter is available in the android market and the best twitter android apps can be downloaded free of cost. The short and sweet tweets that made twitter a grand success is a perfect fit for mobile communication. If you are one using android mobile device, then it is a must that you try out the twitter apps for android. If you are wondering which would be the best twitter app for android then a little research in the android market and a glance at reviews of twitter app for android can shed light on the right android apps for twitter.

Twitter for Android – App Review

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