iMessage for Mac OS X Lion

iMessage for OS X Mac was much awaited and has finally arrived. Download messages beta is just one of the many notable features of the OS 10 lion from Apple.

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Messages beta download comes as a replacement for the popular iChat download. OS x lion beta download comes with all of the required functionalities that could make the user experience a great one with Mac messaging. Some of the OS x lion features and highlights are as follows: It is possible to send imessages to any Mac iPad, iPhone or iPod; it makes it easy to start the imessage conversation in a Mac device and switchover to your iPad or iPhone; Sending images, and other media files such as video or audio files and other doc attachments has never been easier; finally the most advanced system of face-to face conversation the video call is possible with Download messages beta.

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The best ever feature of iMessage is that it supports AIM, Yahoo, GTalk, and Jabber accounts. This makes it a real time contender that could compete with several popular chat platforms. If you really want to taste the advancement of the OS X Mountain Lion, download messages beta. Although iMessages comes as replacement for iChat, for those who are comfortable with iChat can continue to use it since the services are being continued.

iMessage for Mac OS X Lion

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