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Google undoubtedly is the number one search engine and a favorite of every internet user. Google+ android app is now the sole focus of google team. The firm aims at making google+ usable in all devices and google android app store is growing at a very fast phase.

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A glance at the google android app market will stun you with over 57% growth in a month’s time. No other app has had 50 million activations in a month except the Google+ android apps. The android market has in store various google android apps and is enthusiastically involved in goggle android app development.

Some of the popular google android apps in the internet include google earth android app, google android app builder, google reader android app, and the like. Although google+ is still in the process of development, the introduction of google+ apps for android has greatly increased the use of google+ among the browsers. The latest update from google comes with new set of features and bug fixes especially for mobile applications. If you are yet to try google+ android apps, it is high time that you get yourself updated with the latest trends in the mobile market.

Google Plus Android App

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