VisualRoute – Network Diagnostic Tool

Discover the foundation of cyberpunk episodes, Web abusers and also spammers, discover Internet protocol locations. VisualRoute mixes the tools Traceroute, Ping, and also Who is straight into an easy to use graphic interface which assesses Internet connections in order to rapidly slowed down or halted inside takes place.

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Additionally, VisualRoute pinpoints the actual geographical location associated with IP address handles as well as World wide web machines over a global chart – important information pertaining to security reasons to help you determine Web users and also network burglars. VisualRoute in addition characteristics a message tracking program pertaining to problem solving electronic mail, any

titled ping grapher regarding studying connection with time, as well as site as well as system details quick Who is or stop troubles abuse. Integrated , with I.e. supplies one-click traces to any Web page. Called ping capabilities give you a good plan if your website is stay, even though traceroute may help figure out exactly where en route could be the difficulty. VisualRoute traceroute provides 3 varieties of info: a universal investigation, a data kitchen table, as well as a physical take a look at the road.

The particular examination is really a description in the amount of trips, in which difficulties happened along with the kind of Internet hosting server computer software working on the site you are hoping to succeed in. The information kitchen table includes info for each and every tranche, such as IP address, node title, and geographical location and also Net spine of many important in each server resides. The planet road offers a graphic representation from the true way of your Web connection. Users can zoom in Per out and about and proceed the particular road on the placement that suits you. The click over a host or circle name starts the pop-up Whois, supplying quick contact info for reporting problems. VisualRoute can be found in British, France, in german, German, Colonial, Speaking Spanish as well as Swedish which enable it to be modified from one terminology to a different.

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.4+
  • 512Mb memory, 80Mb disk space, 1Ghz processor
  • Internet Connection
  • Sun Java Runtime Environment (included with VisualRoute) 1.6 or later. – NOTE: currently only compatible with 32bit Java.


  • VisualRoute 2010 v14.0L
    All Editions Windows XP\2003\Vista\7 4.5Mb Download
    Mac OS X (dmg) 10.3+, universal binary 2.9Mb Download
    VisualRoute Lite Edition Windows XP\2003\Vista\7 4.0Mb Download
    Mac OS X (dmg) 10.3+, universal binary 2.0Mb Download

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