CloudOsys 3.1b1 – PHP file manager

CloudOsys is a PHP file decision-making, back-end coding printed in PHP that permits your visitors upload records such as media content in a straight line to your website.

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File distribution technology is built-in to allow your visitors to comment on photos, videos and music with ease. The script simulates a effective desktop in your web page so that users work together with files by drag and drop. This script is for you to offers your own online file distribution request and to form your own online society. The important differentiation between Cloudosys and other CMS scripts is that Cloudosys allows your visitors to add media content, while other scripts are about receiving you to print and edit things like news and articles.

Whether you are a web designer or using other content management systems to distribute, Cloudosys will harmonize satisfactorily with your presented CMS, web site, blog or forum. Cloudosys is a money-making way to allow your website sharing user-generated content. You will never have to depend on third-party websites for content sources your visitors share by embedding on your site (no more broken links). Practice a rich, user interface. Permit your visitors to add energetic content to your website. It’s an easy solution for hosting user-generated content.

No more linking files from exterior sites. Share videos, photos and music. Use Cloudosys to give your visitors your web space to store files linked support to you. Install Cloudosys to give your visitors your web space for storing files to be linked back to you. Cloudosys has a built-in file uploader (photos, videos and music) and web application for users to manage files. Set space limit, Upload files, Add Photos, Add Music, Add Videos, Embeddable scripts it comes with an installation script. Use CloudOsys to give permission your visitors upload media content openly to your website.

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Category: Internet Software/ Social Networking Software
Operating system: Webware
License : Free

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