McAfee VirusScan Mobile Security App for Android

McAfee VirusScan Cell provides the leading solution for real-time protection against viruses, worms, dialers, Trojan viruses, viruses and battery-mine, Safe Portable encounter.

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VirusScan Portable may be the kind made from your start with regard to cell security. This security guard in opposition to dangers that originated from e-mail, instant messaging along with Web downloading. These devices remain safe and secure via Text messages, MMS, Wireless bluetooth as well as other entry ways. Cell phones while coupled to the internet are given to adware and spyware risks like Trojan’s CommWarrior, Skulls, and so on, that could injury the actual software as well as the operating-system from the telephone * much like in personal computers.

With the enhancements within the telephony as well as popular use of smartphones much like the iPhone along with Blackberry mobile phones, it is turn into especially true. As a result, installing antivirus about mobile phones is becoming important drive back information loss in order to avoid the particular file corruption error involving records also to eradicate your danger involving promoting private information. Numerous antiviruses similar to F-Secure, BitDefender as well as Kaspersky are for sale to this kind of function, but these are a number of.

McAfee VirusScan Mobile supplies the major remedy regarding real-time defense in opposition to trojans, red wigglers, dialers, Trojan viruses and also battery-sapping malware supplying a safe cell encounter. VirusScan Cell will be the formulation of its type made in the ground-up pertaining to mobile defense. It guards contrary to the risks that originated from e-mail, instant messaging, along with internet data. Your own device will probably be protected from SMS, MMS, and Wireless bluetooth along with other access points. This device offers a risk-free and also worry-free mobile experience to your mobile living. Up-to-date defense can be delivered when risks are usually identified Installment is actually easily. VirusScan Mobile gives the ultimate throughout cell unit security.

Title: McAfee VirusScan Mobile
Developer: McAfee, Inc.
License: USD 29.99
Size: 374 KB
os: Windows Mobile Smartphone
Category: mobile/Security Antivirus

McAfee VirusScan Mobile Security for Android

Introduction to McAfee Mobile Security

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