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Horoscope app is one of the most attractive apps in the android arena. Daily horoscope is being used by quite a large number of users as it provides the users with daily updates.

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The latest daily horoscope app includes Chinese horoscope for 2012 and has become a favorite application for many. It is a well known fact that Chinese predictions are one of the most trusted ones and have history that makes it reliable among world users.

User reviews of daily horoscope application reveal that to view how their day would be is the first thing to do as soon as they wake up from bed. Horoscope for android has made even people who call it a farce have a glance at what is in store for them. Free Daily Horoscope app download is available in websites offering android mobile applications. As far as the interface of the horoscope application is concerned it is quite simple and easy to use. The latest version of daily horoscope android app houses a few more additional features such as zodiac sign compatibility, druid horoscope, scroll back feature, ability to share and customize the interface.

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