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Firefox for android is one of the newest browsers for android mobile. Firefox for android 16 is the latest buzz in the new android downloads.

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The plethora of changes in Firefox for android Apk  makes it one of the top notch browsers for mobile devices. As expected Firefox 16 is drastically faster than its predecessor Firefox and comes with enhancements in the memory arena. The major issues with add ons in the previous versions are said to be addressed in the Firefox for android.

The vast majority of leaks in the add ons have been fixed in the version of firefox android. Apart from these the Firefox for android 16 is also capable of PDF support, JavaScript debugger and an event timer. It also supports Opus audio codec for better compression and performance. One other exciting thing is that firefox  can automatically distinguish between mobile phones and tablets during installation. You can also switch between the mobile view and the desktop view in the new android browser. If you wish to try your hands on the new android Apk, you can download Firefox for android from the official website.

Firefox is compatible with Android 2.2 and above devices.

Installation requires about 16 MB internal storage and 512 MB of RAM.

Download Firefox for Android

Firefox for Android will rock your World Wide Web

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