My Days – Period & Ovulation for Android

My Days – Period & Ovulation app allows you to keep track of and predict the ovulation and period dates without much difficulty. Had you been struggling hard to keep track of your periods and are often taken by surprise, My Days – Period & Ovulation app is a wonder application that will not let you down.

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Ovulation calculator is a very useful application that saves you from situations. With My Days ovulation predictor you can be careful or use precautionary measures to avoid unexpected happenings.

Often women miss out the dates due to busy schedule and are embarrassed when it starts without warning. If when do I ovulate is your question than the free ovulation calculator and the menstrual cycle calculator can provide you with the right answers. Apart from helping you avoid unexpected inconvenience, My Days – Period & Ovulation app can also inform you about your next period and your ovulation dates and when you will be fertile enough to conceive if you are planning your family life. The period predictor app can also help you have a glance at the history of your periods including cycle length and period length.

Features include:
– Calendar
– Multi User support
– Multiple languages (en,de,it,es,fr,cn,tw)
– Add personal info regarding birth control; notes, intercourse, pill, ..
– eMail History to yourself or your Doctor
– Backup
– Basal metabolic temperature (BMT) Chart
– 4 Widgets
– Customizable colors
+ Pro Trial Password lock & reminder.

Download MyDays – Period & Ovulation Calendar

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