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While you can find several Barcode Scanner applications in the iTunes app store, shopsavvy barcode scanner does stand out of the crowd. Shopsavvy or barcode scanner has a few unique features and is a highly useful tool when it comes to checking prices while shopping.

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If you are wondering how to use shopsavvy barcode scanner, it is very simple. All you have to do is scan the barcode with your iphone camera and the shopsavvy barcode scanner let you view the price of the item.

 You can also find shopsavvy android apps for android mobile phones. The interface of shopsavvy is very user friendly, and even a novice can easily use the shopsavvy app for viewing prices. The highlight of shopsavvy barcode scanner is that it provides you with all the details of the product including places to shop both online and in your neighborhood. The shopsavvy app also lets you share the information with your friends via social networks. With shopsavvy apk on your mobile phones, you can easily save lots of money by comparing prices at different locations.

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