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The Bit-torrent neighborhood is growing upwards really fast, so each utility in which handles their users is extremely likely to reach your goals in scenario its value the opportunity.

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This is the truth regarding Bit Che 2.0, an incredibly handy program that will give people precisely what they’re seeking: a powerful internet search engine pertaining to bit-torrent documents. The whole software utilizes straightforwardness, and you’ll observe that starting with installment as well as finishing featuring its software. The actual create process will take only some seconds along with the person rarely will get concerned, since it has only to choose the venue where just about all files will be fallen. Your software is quite clean and user friendly so it helps you immediately make the most of the effective characteristics.

Bit Che 2.0 is incredibly quick and believe in us all, before testing this we’ve never ever considered that this application may be therefore efficient. Only variety the actual search term you desire and acquire the outcomes using some mere seconds. It’s that simple and quick. Dual clicking on one of several results can wide open any pop up where the software shows torrent details, nevertheless, you could also help save your bit-torrent and commence the download or even available the origin web page.

Your settings menu is actually simple and easy you may not perhaps want it because the whole software functions so properly, however you would have a peek presently there if you need to affect the habits of a double simply click inside search results package. All round, Bit Che is a must have application when you’re one of the men they like to be able to obtain products online. Along with the best thing is it’s totally free, so that it won’t cause you a problem inside pocket.

What makes Bit Che so special?

  • Super fast torrent searching
  • Uses ‘hyper-fetching’ to instantly preview torrent details
  • Supports ‘magnet’ links and can instantly find cached torrents
  • Integrates with any torrent download client (uTorrent, etc)
  • Advanced result filtering (duplicates, file size, -keywords)
  • Filter Search Results (Plus Edition)
  • Tabbed Searching (Plus Edition)
  • Media Type Searching (Plus Edition)
  • Morning Coffee Extension (Plus Edition)
  • Translated into over 35 languages so far!

    * Arabic
    * BiH
    * Brazilian
    * Bulgarian
    * Castellano
    * Chinese(Simp)
    * Chinese(Trad)
    * Chinese_BIG5
    * Croatian
    * Czech
    * Danish
    * Dutch
    * Es-Argentina
    * Español
    * Estonian
    * Faroese
    * Farsi
    * Filipino
    * Finnish
    * French
    * German
    * Greek
    * Hebrew
    * Italian
    * Italian2
    * Lithuanian
    * Norwegian
    * Polish
    * Portuguese
    * Romana Diacritics
    * Romana no Diarcritics
    * Russian
    * Slovak
    * Slovene
    * Slovenian
    * Spanish
    * Srpski
    * Swedish
    * Turkish
    * Ukrainian

    Note: Unicode languages are partially supported.






2.0 build 35 11.27.2012 1.32 mb Freeware download 

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