REFOG Personal Monitor – Keystroke Recorder

REFOG personal monitor is often an intricate remedy regarding community and also remote laptop or computer monitoring of person activities. You should use REFOG personal monitor of to look at over your kids speaking on the internet, along with handle those activities of personnel from the part of the world.

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Its broad performance is every bit suit with regard to skilled and use. Despite many place of work personal computers, you can know very well what individuals carry out during their working hours. REFOG personal monitor of combines numerous methods to make certain thorough keeping track of laptop or computer methods. It monitors every single expression or even keystroke control moved into by way of a consumer. In addition, it displays the Clipboard as well as documents almost all pasted goods. The program logs active apps along with window sayings.

Every single entry inside record carries a period seal of approval to be able to trace individual task instant by simply moment. REFOG personal monitor can be your dependable sentinel in a computer system. Along with nearby routines, REFOG personal monitor of also records the application of the global network. Their email list regarding been to sites as well as internet pages, recognized along with essential firelogs, period stamps and screenshots, lets you know fully the fact that was being carried out on the net. Need to any wrongdoing take place, screenshots will offer indisputable evidence which can enhance the argument. However, one of the most differentiating characteristic of REFOG personal monitor on may be the alarm system that produces in keywords and phrases.

You can program it to notify an individual through e-mail each time the search phrase was utilized. As an example, phrases like ‘sex’, ‘porn’ or ‘booze’ let you know your child can be mischief. Yet another feasible technique product is in order to don’t include rude or obnoxious language from operate marketing and sales communications.

Refog Personal Monitor works great with all modern Windows OS releases: Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, Windows 7®.

Refog Employee Monitor demonstration

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