Folder Lock 7 – Lock, Hide, Encrypt, Backup files

Privacy of the contents and files of a desktop or laptop proves mandatory to prevent access of other users to secure content of the computer.

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Folder Lock 7.2 provides for such security of the files and folders in the Windows. The information thus encrypted gets stored and are made available in personal folders. Folder Lock 7.2 Download enables the user to install the application to his / her desktop and thereby add a master password to protect all the selected files and folders which demand privacy and prevention of unauthorized access.

The simplicity and ease of application of Folder Lock 7.2 Update makes it highly attractive for use even by beginners on computers. Folder Lock 7.2 also provides for the protection of files and folders stored in USB, CDs and other external hard disk drives. Folder Lock 7.2 also provides for the creation of backup of all the files and folders which have been encrypted using the software. Further the software also has the added application of use of virtual keyboards – the high level of security to protect passwords from being logged. Thus with its simplicity and value added features, Folder Lock 7.2 proves to be a viable option for all those who are looking to protect the content of their computers.

Folder Lock 7.2 Features & Benefits:

  • AES Encryption
  • Fastest Encryption
  • Optional Backup
  • 20+ security features
  • Lock & Hide files
  • All-in-One Suite

Folder Lock 7 Review

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