Registry First Aid – Windows Registry Repair

Registering, cleaning and maintaining of the registry of computer files is made further easier and effective with Registry First Aid 9.1 which is quick at finding out the reasons for the slowdown in the working of the computer.

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Registry First Aid 9.1 Update provides for quick and easy scanning and testing of the registry of orphan files or folders which enter into the computer. Download Registry First Aid 9.1 to ensure that the registry of computer is error free and thereby the speed of the computer is enhanced. Registry

First Aid 9.1 Reviews appreciate the way in which the errors are organized in accordance to the safety level. Provision of a Fix it Button directly related to the error further enhances the quality of the program. The ability of Registry First Aid 9.1 to screen out and clear the deepest of registry errors in the computer enhances the attractiveness of the program to the power users. Crashing of Windows, lock up of software on the desktop or software taking too long to download is almost always the result of accumulation of incorrect registry errors and these problems get effectively fixed up with Registry First Aid 9.1 Update for Windows.

New in version 9.1.0

+ many interface changes;
+ Windows 8 compatibility;
+ new error category “Invalid Uninstall records”;
* registry scan is now much faster;
+ some basic adaptation to touchscreens;
+ support of multi-monitor configurations;
* fast “open in RegEdit” functions;
+ close filter and legend forms on Escape key press;
+ new “Item Menu” button near the “Filter” button to access mouse pop-up menu items on touchscreens;
* button caption changed from “Back” to “Reset Results” after registry search to avoid confusion;
+ show paths to scan for corrections before registry scan, show “Configure” button to open the Settings dialog;
+ Registry Manage: refresh the lists on F5 key press;
+ Registry Compress: show summary sizes of used and saved registry files;
– Advanced Settings: color example interface errors are fixed;
+ Advanced Settings: option to hide statistics at the Home screen is added;
+ Advanced Settings: multiselection is added to the excluded strings, paths to scan for corrections and excluded paths lists;
* help file is updated;
* home screen adoptations for displays with large fonts;
* setup: ask to delete settings and user exclusions on uninstall;
– bugfix: full backup creation could not be canceled;
+ some language files updated;
– known bugs are fixed;

Version: 9.1.0
Supported Operating Systems
Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003 and 2008
32-bit and 64-bit

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