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GreedyTorrent is rather small program. GreedyTorrent is a hacking tool used mainly for bittorrent applications. A few bittorrent clients will work with this program.

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GreedyTorrent will help you survive on trackers that apply a minimum ratio of just one : 1 trade, and may not penalize you for not climbing. So how does it work? In simple words, it modifies the conversation between client bittorrent and monitoring, suppression of current carrying amount. Instead, GreedyTorrent puts you in charge of your own load ratio – you can define the amount of load to be transmitted to the tracker. Many torrent websites as TorrentBits, ilovetorrents etc are private trackers, you must be registered together, and when it’s loading / unloading is only a certain amount, your bank account will be disabled. Therefore, using the program, along with the bittorrent client (or program), you can create a virtual cargo traffic.

The interface is very easy and allows you to adjust the load should be reported to the tracker, but the installation process is essential. However, it is extremely GreedyTorrent a useful piece of software, but do not forget that no account exists in the case of any problem.

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