Fixico – Cloud-Based Maintenance with Full Antivirus

Fixico is definitely a maintenance solution IBM – updated regularly fed and cleans their computers, keeping them safe and fast.

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From diagnosis to any or all of the necessary software updates, virus protection and content filtering questionable, get everything you need in one simple package. It’s like having a mini IT guy all the equipment that actually works 24/7, not eating, not sleeping, and always make sure that their computers are running smoothly, efficiently and safely – without having to worry about you.

Fixico offers like:

• System operation and application updates

• Performance optimization

• Registry scan

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• Protection from malicious websites

Fixico not end there however. Description of how the child plan have been added, keep your children safe while using the Internet. Children Plan allows you to determine the sites to block, and are preset for easy application and so are labelled: malware sites, malware, unknown malware.

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