Bkav Mobile Security for Android

Bkav Mobile Security for Windows Phone Review:

Bkav Mobile Security is particularly constructed with Safe Mode, an innovative technology. In Safe Mode, the device remains safe, even if the user opens a file in an unconscious virus or malicious website.

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Analyzes and generates warnings about applications that will access your sensitive data like SMS, phone, contacts and location etc… Especially removes, and detects applications listens on the cell phone. Antivirus scans for malware spyware, Trojans and providing real-time defense against malicious software analyzes each application downloaded and installed to ensure that it really is safe, the technology of cloud computing.

Bkav Mobile Security ensures timely updates of samples virus, Auto – detection of malicious applications within your installation on your own phone, ideal for daily and weekly scheduled scans. Burglar Locate your lost or stolen phone. With smart phones with Android 4. 0 turn GPS to use this feature. Analyzes and generates warnings about applications which will access your sensitive data like location, phone, contacts and SMS etc… Especially removes, detects and applications listens on the cell phone.

Bkav Mobile Security Features:

Features Android iOS Blackberry Symbian Windows phone
Call & SMS Block, Anti SMS spam
Privacy Mode
Find My Phone
Backup & Restore
Privacy Advisor, Safe browsing

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