Net Protector 2014

Net Protector 2014 is really a program that provides defense against virus. Net Protector 2014 cleans infected files when contamination is detected. This system detects Adware and Spyware, risk ware, Trojans and downloader’s, Internet dialers as well as other unwanted applications.

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Before they reach your personal computer, Real-time Protection Shield – Zero – Virus Shield stops the viruses in real-time. Giving your PC a rock solid and reliable protection. Powerful Scanning Engine Zero – V – Cleans and protects against all kinds of infected files, and, high level threats, and Backdoors, Dialers, Trojans, malwares and Downloader’s spywares.

All PCs then network update individual update server. Web connection is not required in each and every computer. Protection E – Mail – Maintain your valuable time leaving you free to concentrate on work mails. Net Protector detects Spyware and Adware, risk ware, downloader’s and Trojans, Internet dialers and other unwanted applications. Net Protector automatically cleans infected files when contamination is detected. Keep your applications and data safe. Schedule automatic scanning in the specified time to thoroughly check your computer for viruses per day. Lunch Time Scanner does its job when you are from your desk. Registered User of brand new updates NPAV receives automatic updates online throughout the duration of one / 3 years.

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