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PJMagic Total Security can be an influential antivirus software program with local security antimalware laboratory created by HDD.

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Pjmagic Total Security has all antivirus functionality: check files in real time, detects and prevents viruses or other malware. Mail filter checks all incoming email messages and outgoing seeking out malware. Heuristic analysis permits finding of latest and unidentified malware. Every day updates of antivirus bases assurance maximum safety pjmagic Total Security have included Application-level firewall: accessibility application control network, Protection against external attacks. Automatic mode: that does not require a deep understanding of the functionality of network applications. Experienced users interactive web filtering (HTTP traffic scanning): Locking dangerous sites, blocking malicious content on untreated sites, create your own list of sites bar.

PJMagic Total Security is really a complete security cum antivirus program gives you all the safety and security required in this real world online. The features that make miracle traffic boot best products available in the market are: Real -time file protection, mail filtering, heuristics to detect new unidentified firewall protection, malware, protection against external attacks and analysis that blocks HTTP traffic the dangerous and harmful website. PJMagic Total Security provides the opportunity to create their own lists of blocked websites.

PJMagic Total Security Features:

  • PJMagic Total Security has all antivirus functionality:
  • Real-time file checking that detects viruses or other malware and prevents
  • Mail filter checks all incoming and outgoing mail messages for malware
  • Heuristic analysis allows detection of new and unknown malware
  • Daily updates of antivirus bases guarantee maximum safety.
  • PJMagic Total Security have included Application-level firewall:
  • Control of application network access
  • Protection against external attacks
  • Automatic mode that doesn’t require deep understanding of applications network functionality
  • Interactive mode for experienced users WEB-filtering (scanning of HTTP traffic):
  • Blocking of dangerous sites
  • Blocking of malicious content from untrusted sites
  • Creation of own list of sites to bloc.

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