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AVG Removal Tool is removes all the areas of AVG installation on your computer,along with register  items, installation  files, user files, etc. will remove all Avg  user settings after the uninstall process, and the content of the Virus Vault and all other issues related to the installation and use of AVG. You will be asked during the extraction process to restart the computer. Therefore, be sure to finish your work and save all important data prior to implementation of uninstalling AVG.

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The program seeks traces, such as user settings, antivirus settings, Virus Vault, the installation files and other such debris that may have resulted after a failed attempt at removal made with the built-in software uninstaller security. All objects discovered are removed at once, or after a reboot.

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An important aspect to consider is that the system will reboot in order to complete the cleaning process. AVG Removal Tool is the reason why you are advised to save your work and close all other running applications before implementing this utility. The nature of the software means it must be handled very carefully to avoid loss of data, but no special requirements other than above a normal reboot.

Name Version Type Date Size
AVG Remover(32bit) 2015
2015.5501 exe September 7, 2014 3 MB
AVG Remover(64bit) 2015
2015.5501 exe September 7, 2014 3 MB

AVG 2015 Virus Removal | AVG Tutorial

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