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BitDefender maintains unveil its new range of products every year to ensure greater protection for the PC against emerging threats. A new on this front is the BitDefender Total Security 2015, which is a reliable antivirus suite that protects computers from all types of security threats. The software is specific to the presentation of a new method based on the exploration of adaptation to ensure the protection of personal data and the importance of adding the speed and resolution of productivity tremendously.

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BitDefender performed as soon as it starts because you downloaded the new adaptive technology called photons, which helps you to work properly without being bothered by anything, even if a high speed scanning is performed. Weekly reports on the state of computer security are also sent.

Another impressive feature is the free option that comes Wallet, BitDefender, to ensure the high level of protection for surfing the web. This allows you to manage passwords in web browsers and applications. However, the same generation car goes missing word. Parental Control allows you to keep a check on the activity and safety of your child when they are online.

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Amazing features that you can avail with BitDefender Total Security 2015

  • There are many unique features that Bitdefender Antivirus Suite packages, including
  • The high speed scanning with BitDefender Photon
  • Identity protection, enhanced online
  • Parental control to keep a check on the activities of children online
  • The freedom to conduct comprehensive and rapid analysis, based on preferences
  • Schedule when you want your PC to analyze
  • It helps to keep the information secure online
  • Synchronization with the range of equipment is easy
  • Includes tools and Safe for iOS and Android
  • Fashion Modding docks
  • Two-way firewall and anti-theft service included
  • Safety report sent a weekly report on the most important development of the week

Minimum requirements for a successful installation BitDefender Total Security

  • 1.8 GHz processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1.8 GB of disk space
  • Windows XP SP3 or higher operating system

How to keep your computer protected by BitDefender PC

BitDefender Antivirus has not one, but different types of analysis. Shortly after the release, it is recommended that sweeps everything that can take a few minutes and is very effective. Then after that you can opt for the rapid analysis, which contributes to the analysis of processes and important areas of the system. Also scan the schedule and gifts software for automatic analysis.

BitDefender offers even when using your computer. Protection against spam and dangerous host is present. After downloading free icons are automatically added for extra protection when browsing the results of search engines. The same is very effective at blocking access to Web sites that are dangerous for the security of your PC site.

Total Security 2015

Getting a reliable technical support BitDefender Total Security 2015

BitDefender is a trusted name in computer security known to provide users with reliable solutions forever. Experts now have a dedicated support for Bitdefender antivirus because they understand that problems can occur at any time, which can lead to the need for expert troubleshooting.

Enjoys a great reputation on this front, where you can easily find a dedicated support for BitDefender and all other released products of this brand. Ask the support number BitDefender connect to an expert who will help you solve simple problems, which occurs almost instantly and easily.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 Review

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