Download Angry IP Scanner for Windows 8.1

Angry IP Scanner is state-of the-art network scanner that delivers its services fast with its user friendly interface. It is an open source network monitoring system which is designed to scan several IP addresses and ports.

The network scanner program “Angry IP Scanner” is otherwise called as “ipscan”. The software program is a cross-platform network scanner. Network administrators and It Professionals over the globe prefer Angry IP Scanner as their network monitoring tool as it is simple to use to scan several IP addresses and ports at a time without any delay.

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It would be a pleasure for all the network administrators to know about the highly superior network monitoring tool that would be of great help to them in monitoring several networks. If you are one such network administrator who is in vigorous haunt to find out the world class network monitor, then you are at the right juncture to know about Angry IP Scanner.

The notable features of the application that makes it recognized in the market include: free to copy and use anywhere, gathers the NetBIOS information, saves the scanning results and the like. You need not even require installing the network monitoring tool enabling its users to copy it free and make use of it anywhere!

Angry IP Scanner offers a helping hand in gathering favorite IP address ranges, web server detection, customizing options and thus extends the data gathered about each host with plug-in. It saves the scanned results to XML, CSV, TXT, and IP Port list files.

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Download Angry IP Scanner for Windows


Download version 3.3.2 below or browse all 3.x releases

Make sure you have Java installed.

Note that 32 or 64-bit refers to the version of Java that you have installed, not the operating system. Most Windows machines (even 64-bit) have 32-bit Java. Download the installer if you are unsure.

Download Angry IP Scanner for MacOS X

ownload version 3.3.2 below or browse all 3.x releases

Download Angry IP Scanner for Linux

Download version 3.3.2 below or browse all 3.x releases

How to use Angry IP Scanner

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