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Download AVG Mobile Security App for iPhone Overview:

Protection of your phone for iPhone has now become essential as the need for Online Protection of private data and privacy has abnormally increasing with exponentially expanding pool of threats.  Hackers and Scammers are now coming with novel software’s to hack our personal devices and miss use our private data.

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Without halting therein, they attract the kids, children and youth with attractive apps that is unsuitable and scam websites. Hackers can even track the family’s online activities and take advantage of the personal data.

Keeping these issues into consideration, programmers came up with amazingly new software apps that extend its hand in tracing and curtailing the malicious websites that are intended to spread virus and corrupt your device and the files in it.

To facilitate the smart phone users in this regard, AVG group has introduced ‘AVG Family Safety’ and ‘AVG Safe Browser’ mobile protection applications that helps you track your family’s online activities and thus provide protection for your family alongside avoiding the malicious websites.

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Explore the innovative features of ‘AVG Family Safety’ and ‘AVG Safe Browser’ that come in rescue of your private data from the hands of hackers, malicious internet links or websites.  Have a look! Choose the best and enjoy!

AVG Family Safety

AVG Safe Browser

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